Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Licensing

Dubai Health Authority – DHA is the regulatory body that oversees all medical facilities and medical professionals in the Emirate of Dubai. Licensing from DHA is required for all medical professionals who intends to work for Hospitals, Clinics or Pharmacies in Dubai.

SearchPlusHR’s DHA Licensing Package helps medical professionals with the complete application process. The applicants will fall under one of the following categories:




Allied Health

Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Why SearchPlusHR?

  • Experience in working with DHA for over 10 years
  • Friendly and transparent communication for smooth processing
  • Experts in all the processes of Dubai Health Authority

The chances of getting license will increase or high to the healthcare professionals, when the paperwork is submitted correctly through correct channel and under the right category.

But when Healthcare professionals who are not experienced with the online submissions usually submits wrong papers or incorrect papers. This will diminish or even entirely decreases their chance of acquiring a license to keep a clinical practice in UAE. Correct paperwork submission decreases the time spent on the wrong submissions and rejections.